Judson was extraordinarily popular, well liked and well-respected. He devoted his life to serving our community.

In retirement, we were still blessed by his presence. Judson truly cared about people, their well-being, their welfare.

The New Regime did not. They put out the word that Judson was no longer welcome.

We wanted to invite Judson to preside over our last event of the year. I was told that if I did it I would be on “some serious shit lists.”

At that time the bizarre things had just begun happening, I was weakened and confused.

Judson knew what was happening. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “It’s not me, but YOU who is being tested.”

I didn’t know what he meant at the time, that by not standing up and fighting for what was right I was helping evil to grow… or that what was being done to Judson was happening to me as well.

This is how it’s done. Modern technology makes it much easier.

It’s not hard to track a targeted person’s movements, to monitor their cell phone and email communications.

They see where and with whom the target is trying to do business and get to key players or decision makers. They make it clear certain key pieces of business or valued sponsorships and relationships will disappear if they do business or deal with the target.

Or they tell damaging lies that the target has no opportunity to refute.

Or they send actors to say the target is “of interest to the government” and to ask for reports of all contacts and request that they refrain from doing any business with the target.

That’s what the Goon meant when he said, “Your business and personal life will be strangled.”

Make it clear to the target that the problems will follow them where ever they go.

Make sure that the target cannot get a job or find other opportunities.

That’s what was done to Judson, is being done to me and to others.

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