Raytheon RAYS?!!!

A Dramatic Difference – I enjoyed a beautiful morning working at home while contractors were inspecting the burnt out house next door.  As soon as they left the difference was dramatic.2363 Fire Blue Tarp

There was a painful tingling on my face that was especially evident around my eyes and ears.  It’s very stressful, I  suddenly could not think or write a coherent sentence.  As usual, as soon as I left home the systems cleared.

It wasn’t mold or something environmental because I could feel a dramatic difference as soon as the contractors left next door and it was turned on again.

60 Minutes’s 3/3/08 Pain Ray program shows devices with an effective range of 500 yards. Raytheon also produces smaller table top versions. ONLY legitimate uses are being shared with the public, the rest remains classified. 

Google Raytheon Silent Guardian for details and spec sheets.

Can this technology be used to covertly distress, disrupt and destroy the lives of innocent people?The symptoms match for lower power exposures. Health care professionals would not suspect the real cause of  patient’s discomfort and disorientation.

What if it was aimed or installed in an office building, police station or on a shop floor?  Errors, disorientation and even injuries would soar.

Anecdotal evidence indicates this technology was used by the U.S. military to discourage Cruise Missile protesters at Greenham Commons in the U.K. during the 1980’s

Is this what the Goon meant when he said my home would become “uninhabitable”?

If something like this is installed in your house or aimed at your home you feel it the moment it is turned on. There’s a painful tingling sensation on your skin that is especially evident on your face and around your ears and eyes. It is disorienting, it causes head aches and destroys your concentration.

If you have visitors who can corroborate what’s happening, it’s turned off. You notice as soon as it is turned back on.

The symptoms clear as soon as you leave home and go into public places.

No, you don’t hear voices or feel your mind is being controlled. You are very uncomfortable and stressed.

If the U.S. Government has this technology, organized crime has the technology. Private contractors build battleships, fighter planes and these sorts of technologies for the government.

If you doubt this is happening see: Sonoma State University ProjectCensored.orgStudy of U.S. Intelligence Community Human Rights Violations and Continuing Research Full Report

Similar systems wired into 12 volt automotive electrical systems can induce auto accidents from distraction, disorientation and discomfort.

One goon quipped, “Evil is well organized.” Some organized crime rings are extraordinarily well organized, technologically sophisticated and run like high tech corporations.

So why the prolonged harassment? Was I targeted for some, sick, psychotic Black Ops experiment? Are Department of Defense contractors still using innocent Americans as unwilling test subjects for their behavioral research again?

Vengeance or vendetta? For what? An anti-Bush comment? Or…

Trying to bring greater happiness into the world? How pathetic.

See http://Defend-Dissent.com too.

2 Responses to “Raytheon RAYS?!!!”

  1. anne Says:

    check out hippa, presidential protection.

  2. Background « Atlanta-Attacks.com Says:

    […] “my life and business would be slowly strangled,” and that “my house would become uninhabitable.” I thought he was […]

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