Police Complicity?

If you are trying to discredit, defraud, displace and destroy someone, you don’t want them to be able to document what is happening to them.

Big banks and organized crime have deep pockets and long reaches. When the crimes are “clean” it’s easy to look the other way.

My police reports are ignored, disparaged or just disappear. We call 911, Atlanta Policemen come. They are pleasant and concerned. They don’t file a report, disparage what happened or the reports disappear.

In February 2005 I was putting a grant proposal together when all my tapes disappear. The Police report says “I couldn’t find them.”

It went down hill from there. We gave up calling 911 for a while.

We’ve had tee shirts slashed, business equipment sabotaged, key physical and data files stolen.

Atlanta Police procedures require a written report when requested by the victim for each 911 call. That’s even if they think the citizen is loony.

Someone powerful does NOT want me to have documentation of what’s happening. Police Reports describing the intimidation and thefts will help me pursue and prosecute the intellectual property thefts.

Who are they protecting?

I sense Major Sellers knows who is behind it and that he is not comfortable with what is happening. He has not yet taken steps to stop it. It’s time he does.

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