Locks & Security

Downs KeysOur lock dealer thinks it’s very funny.

We installed expensive, pick proof, high security Mul-T-locks on the front door of our house and steel office.

That lock dealer is the ONLY one who can copy our keys or rekey our locks.

Putty was put in all the other exterior key holes so they could not be picked. All our windows are pinned shut.

The ONLY way to enter our home or steel office without signs of forced entry is through the front doors with a Mul-t-lock key.

A tee shirt is slashed, we have our locks re keyed by the dealer who laughs. The intrusions continue. Another tee shirt is slashed or files we are working with are stolen. Again and again.

The Atlanta Police laughed when they came by too. And they didn’t file a report.

The sick, psychotic, personal nature of the incidents is meant to make us feel powerless.

“Why not add a Nanny Cam to see who is coming in?” people ask.

If the perps are able to get to the lock vendor and the Police, they can probably locate and disable a Nanny Cam.

So we catch a low level Goon with a Nanny Cam, will it help when you don’t have Police support?

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