Intellectual Property Theft

Who has the power to intercept and redirect telephone and email communications in the U.S. with impunity?

The FIRST step in taking over a business or a country is to sever their communications. We receive NO email or telephone responses from the hundreds of contacts we make. We are repeatedly told we are not responding to telephone and email messages, they do not reach us.

We have a beautiful message and wonderful web site. The ONLY time we receive responses is when we might personally encounter that person again. The Goon said our business would be strangled…

Perp Strategy: Intercept / cut our telephone and internet communications so we can’t generate revenue. Steal and sabotage critical business assets to disrupt our business operations. Disparage, demoralize, and discredit us publicly.

Perp Goals: Strangle our business so we give up and sell out cheaply. Prevent us from making other deals. Protect our brands so their value is not diminished when they get control. Demoralize and distress us to weaken our defenses.

We have developed a powerful, unique, branded happiness program. It works and it is very valuable.

What business person doesn’t wish they had a better telephone voice? We have filed a patent on a powerful program that teaches voice skills simply and effectively.

Someone with power wants them, they don’t want to be exposed. So they use sick, covert psychological tactics characteristic of the military and defense industries. Fortunately, I’ve had help and warnings.

The physical and electronic files for several unique signature stories I’d developed including Bashing Boulders and Uncle Dan mysteriously disappeared from my file cabinets and from the hard drives of all four PCs where they were backed up. The original files were left behind.

The Goons either wanted to remind me of what they had taken or they didn’t realize the originals could be used to prove the stories were mine. Unique signature stories are valuable in the professional speaking industry.

They did their best to discredit, discourage and demoralize me and smear my reputation with lies when I joined the professional speakers organization. It didn’t stop me.

A painful rift was created within our family and my mother’s estate was stolen to weaken me financially and spiritually. It didn’t get me to back off. They have threatened me with “permanent brain damage” if I pursue it. I won’t stop.

They threatened me with a fire that could have easily destroyed my home, all my extensive working papers and proof of what I had developed. It didn’t work.

They sent a Goon to tell me what they were doing… strangle my business and personal life, make my “house uninhabitable.” It has slowed but it did not stop my progress.

Our telephone and email communications are disrupted and people positioned to create problems. I am not giving up.

The expensive new color laser printer I purchased suddenly had all its cartridges swapped out with empties. It would cost $600 to replace them. Why spend the money when it would only happen again?

The less expensive color laser printer I purchased to replace it was successively vandalized. Each time they added red marks to its front cover so I would know what they had done. Threats and intimidation are part of the perp’s process.

Tee shirts have been slashed, clothing and personal articles stained with iodine.

Personal computers and other business equipment have been repeatedly destroyed and sabotaged.

People were paid and rewarded to discourage me and disparage my work. They want me to give up, I haven’t.

Anyone who looks at our web sites can see the value and beauty of what I have developed and what I can do. My character and love shows thought everything.

I am not giving up.

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