Impostor or Theater?

Was “CiCi” Carol Cohen murdered and replaced by an impostor? Or is this just street theater to frighten me from fighting for my mother’s estate? You decide.

CiCi Carol Cohen was a central figure in the Atlanta AA circles. She lived with Paul Lobel in a condo on the NE corner of Peachtree Street and Lindberg, not far from me. I met CiCi and Paul in 1993 and saw them periodically after that.

CiCi asked me for help in 2005, saying she had lost several hundred thousand dollars from her retirement account due to bad broker trading in Griffin, Georgia. Her brokerage firm had been featured on the front cover of Business Week after they lost a $28 million judgment for similar trading abuses in Augusta, Georgia.

CiCi went to arbitration, the transcript I saw indicated the deck had been artfully stacked against her. The brokerage firm did not want the publicity of another  action against them. The transcript made it look like her attorney had been paid off.

Interestingly, CiCi was very adamant that “that there was something in my house that was making me sick.” By then I sensed what she was talking about and was trying to work around it.

That fall CiCi went home to Atlantic City for several weeks. Someone else came back in her place with bruises on her face saying she had just had plastic surgery. The impostor did not have CiCi’s body shape, speech patterns or habits. The impostor was driving CiCi’s car and living in her condo. There was no one close to CiCi to object.

I heard the suit was dropped and I have not seen the phony CiCi around town recently.

Was it a real murder and substitution or just street theater set up to frighten me? A good investigator could find out.

New Identity Thefts?!!

Look alike impostors replacing real people? If the stakes are high enough and the money is good, actors will get plastic surgery to replace high value targets.

Glen Clayborne Snell

Murders and / or mysterious disappearances raise questions (and present exposures) that replacement with paid look alikes avoid.  Crimes are completed or litigation settled, the impostor disappears with out a trace. 

It’s easy if the target does not have people close to them to fight the process, raise questions or complain.

Real estate scams work this way.  North Georgia mountain property has become extraordinarily valuable.  A reclusive or absentee owner doesn’t want to sell.

A paid impostor shows up at a real estate closing with a “friendly” attorney. Ownership of the property (and the sales proceeds) go to the perpetrators of the crime. 

The actor and all traces of the sales proceeds disappear. 

The heirs are left wondering what happened… to their relative and to the money.

It’s like a scene from the futuristic movie It’s All About Love where organized crime replaces a famous skating star with three look alike impostors, only it’s today and it is real.

The threat is… they’ll try to replace me with a lady who fits into their corrupt corporate criminal culture.  So far I’ve been difficult to duplicate.

One Response to “Impostor or Theater?”

  1. Arielle G Says:

    My brother is a missing person around the time Dad died, and this estate is a small one. Interestingly, he would have inherited much more in a few years from someone on his mothers side of the family, not my connection.
    I am not even going into this now, but your sites are really interesting, you should go to YOUTUBE, it is not hard.

    You should look into the Google story of a Toronto TV actor who thinks 2 twins have defrauded him, a fake wife turned up, making him violent and crazy, and also getting his money.

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