Estate Fraud

It’s a classic case of fraud, deceit, elder abuse and undue influence.  See

I have decades of loving, handwritten letters from my mother. She was so excited about my happiness book and business.

As elderly people age, they become extraordinarily dependent upon the people who support and care for them.

If you can get elderly people to fear loosing this support, you can get them to do practically anything. If they hear the same lies over and over again from the people closest to them, over time those lies become truth to them.  They will do what they are told to maintain the love and support of those they trust and to retain their independence.

I didn’t know what was happening, that’s part of the deceit. Organized crime rings have detailed plans and procedures for Stealing Estates.

Mother held out against them for years. By the time she reached her late 80’s, her age, infirmity, alcohol and drugs had taken its toll. She lost strength to fight for what she knew was right. She was ashamed about what she was doing.

She died in the company of hired caretakers believing I “had been a bad person all my life” according to a long time neighbor and friend. That was the only way she should justify it in her mind.

I had never asked her for money, been arrested or done anything but live a kind, caring, compassionate, charitable life. Her handwritten letters document all that, her love for me and more through the years.

What happened? Evil, powerful, well positioned people poisoned our relationship and her mind to get her money and our family heirlooms and possessions.

Evil people in Atlanta knew what was happening, they laughed at me and taunted me.

Kind, good, loving people don’t want to believe this sort of thing can happen to them. It does.

The last time I spoke to Steve Kyne was December 1990 after my father died. He said I was “powerless to do anything about what was happening.” I didn’t know what he was talking about at the time.

Now I do.

The threats, thefts, sabotage, intimidation, fire and violence were meant to weaken and discredit me so I couldn’t fight what was happening.

When people see who I am and what I can do they know the truth. I am the daughter any parent would be delighted to call their own. My mother loved me very much.

My websites, blogs, books and programs HELP PEOPLE. We give a tremendous amount of information away free. They are powerful, novel, very beneficial and non commercial.

The other side will manipulate, intimidate, steal and murder for money, power and possessions.

The truth is in the evidence and the evidence is all on my side. Everything the thieves provided during the initial examinations proves my case.

They have tried to frighten me from pursing the estate fraud by threatening me with “permanent brain damage” or by being replaced by an impostor if I pursue the case.

Recent incidents indicate the perps may have tried to influence my New York attorney and the Suffolk County Surrogates Court.

That won’t change the evidence or the truth.

Too many people know what’s really happened, they know the truth.  I am not giving up.

If the perpetrators deliver on their threats and cause me serious injury people will know who caused it and why.

2 Responses to “Estate Fraud”

  1. peter radonicich Says:

    What state did your Mom pass away in ?
    Was the Estate probated ? ie: a fiduciary accounting of all assets, records
    and property….and was the “will” Authenticated ???”

    I’d help you if i can.
    Peter Radonicich,

  2. Arielle G Says:

    Hi, please look at my website on estate fraud, a TD Bank executor is stealing almost all my father’s life savings, using a string of phony tax credits and debits that do not even balance out. I have posted all his paper documents at the website. His boss at the stockbrokerage part of TD, TD Waterhouse refuses to remove him.

    I know this is illegal, I need Internet waves of community buzz and get him away from Dad’s hard earned estate.

    Thanks for buzz.

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