Catholic Connection

Celtic CrossA startling percentage of the known perpetrators are Roman Catholic or are in close relationships with Roman Catholics.

This suggests connection with a Roman Catholic organization that spans between New York and Georgia.

There is strong anecdotal evidence the crime ring works through other religious hierarchies as well. Church groups offer convenient and compelling covers for criminal activity.

The New York neighbors who engineered the theft of my parent’s estate are Roman Catholics, as are several of the people known to be responsible for my Atlanta home office invasions, thefts and street theater incidents.

We hope our telephone and email interceptions and disruptions could not go on without Homeland Security or other Government agency oversight and involvement. Corrupt government contractors could control critical communications links.

Or people in key positions within these Government security agencies are seriously abusing their power and authority.

The perpetrators have been able to get law enforcement organizations to ignore and disparage our crime reports.Ronald Lindsey at St. Philips Cathedral

One of the men who was sent to threaten me said I was “caught in a web” and “fighting an organization.”

Scientology is known for harassing outcast members, I don’t have those associations in my past.

Organized crime plays rough, they demand results and payoffs quickly.

The extended sick, psychotic, psychopathic nature of the incidents suggests something different.

The perpetrators are well organized, technologically sophisticated and have extensive resources. They are also emotionally warped and spiritually sick.

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