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February 6, 2008

Too Many People Know Parts of the Truth – This Is The Real Story – June 2010 Update

Who has the power to intercept and spoof telephone and email communications in the United States with impunity?

History: Oliver Newman was an incredibly intelligent, knowledgeable coworker everyone valued and respected. He knew every detail about the technology at our Nashville bank and he always spoke truthfully.  Oliver was openly gay which capped his career there early.

Several years after I left The Bank, a lady who sounded like and identified herself as Kathy White telephoned to say Oliver had inexplicably committed suicide with an overdose of prescription medications. It made no sense, she blamed it on work related causes.

The call was a hoax, but I didn’t know that at the time. I later learned Oliver died due to an existing disease. Why the deliberate lie?

Enron and the MCI Worldcom accounting frauds were costing shareholders, employees and pension funds billions of dollars.

The Securities and Exchange Commission had launched a major investigation into accounting practices at The Bank where I had worked. Three Executive Vice Presidents were fired, the Executive Vice President I had reported to survived.

Ironically, had it not been for the lie about Oliver’s death I would not have written the letters to the S.E.C. describing the bad telephone and data network accounting system that had been such a persistent problem while I was doing process improvement work there.

I would have let it go.

Something was up, I didn’t know what. Oliver was a good guy and always tried to do the right thing. If the situation was reversed, I’d want someone to do it for me.

Many weird things kept happening since I left The Bank. Business equipment was being sabotaged, my clothing and personal items were slashed or stained, physical and electronic files kept disappearing.

Oliver was the first person I would have called for support and corroboration about that bad centralized telephone and data network accounting system that had been such a persistent problem.

Shortly after I wrote what I thought was a confidential letter to the S.E.C., the bizarre incidents, thefts and threats escalated. I didn’t know it at the time but somebody was watching my movements and searching my home and home office.Glen Clayborne Snell

A man I had dated mysteriously resurfaced to repeatedly warn me that, “They would burn me out” if I wasn’t careful. He wouldn’t say who they were.

Less than two months later a fire of uncertain origin destroyed the house next door.  My home was badly toasted, uninhabitable for several months.

Speedy response from the Atlanta Fire Department saved my house from severe damage.

An indigent computer tech I’d hired on occasion appeared to tell me my  “life and business would be slowly strangled,” and that “my house would become uninhabitable.” I thought he was crazy.

He warned that, “in a digital world, everything can be hacked.” A crisp new $100 bill was showing in his portfolio the last time we talked.

Ronald Lindsey at St. Philips Cathedral

My company web sites, email and telephone systems have been repeatedly hacked, PCs and business equipment are regularly sabotaged, key physical and electronic files stolen, clothing slashed, people positioned to create problems in my life.

Some private investigation firms openly advertise they “treat”  whistle blowers.  “Treat” is an absurd misnomer for these crimes.

Who would have guessed this would happen? Writing confidential letters to the Security and Exchange Commission shouldn’t carry these costs. Or is this a cover for other crimes?

Is The Bank being blamed and used as a cover for other criminal activity? The statue of limitations on the accounting issues has expired, it preceded Sarbanes Oxley. Continuing to harass me is an exposure and expense they don’t need unless they are above the law.

Here’s some history…

I was hired by The Bank after finishing my MBA (Finance) straight onto their first McKinsey Client Team. I had high level visibility and knew the senior people.

My first task was building a computer system to assemble large customer relationship contribution information. Then I moved on to a series of strategic planning, consulting and internal improvement roles.

I’d enjoyed the twenty years I worked at The Bank but I kept running into a centralized telephone accounting system that was leaky as a sieve and had been kept that way for years. Tennessee bankers were especially vocal about the bad system.

I was told senior management knew all about the problems and that it was being addressed. Then I was pitted against a female department head, sent to work for her and RIF’d.

On the way out the door I learned key senior people did NOT know about the extent, magnitude or expense involved in correcting the bad telephone and data network accounting system.

Recent mergers had changed the corporate climate, I was ready to move on. I’d always dreamed of running my own business and had been given a unique opportunity to work with happiness.

I’d been offered an unattractive internal lateral transfer, movement to other areas within The Bank had been deceptively blocked.

I’d always lived a charmed, charitable, compassionate life. I was active in church and civic work, I was well liked and well respected. My life was good and happy, I had no reason to believe it would change.

After leaving, it suddenly seemed people were intentionally poisoning relationships and creating problems.

The president of a professional speaking organization I’d joined inexplicably blackballed me from a Toastmasters group. His buddy was assigned as my mentor and falsely smeared me, saying I had an affair with him. Phil is disgusting, he wrote a very bad book, I disliked and distrusted him and his wife from our first meeting.

Phil was a past business associate of the next door neighbors who had the fire of uncertain origin the day after they left for a three week trip to China. Phil kept pressuring me to give him copies of my happiness book drafts and did his best to discourage and demoralize me. His intent was clear, it didn’t work.

At first the antics hurt and were distressing. Over time, patterns began to emerge which continue with similar strategies, new people.

Big banks and organized crime rings have deep pockets and long reaches. In a bad economy, educated, desperate people are willing to do ugly things for money and favors.

Recently, the violence and frequency of the harassment has escalated dramatically. I’m trying to develop and sell some exciting new products which could enrage people who are trying to strangle my business.

My mother died a year ago in New York, there was elder abuse and fraud in the treatment of my parent’s estates. A Park Avenue maritime attorney neighbor and a man who represents himself as my brother stole the estate.

I have decades of loving, handwritten letters from my Mother illustrating her love and her intentions to keep everything equal between my brother and myself. Evidence of fraud, deceit and undue influence is very clear, my case is strong. I was threatened with physical injury if I pursue litigation. I am NOT giving up.

Is the Park Avenue maritime job a cover for something else? The perpetrators have the power to get law enforcement to look the other way. Corrupt Defense / Homeland Security contractors perhaps? Interstate criminal contacts?

I have developed valuable, unique intellectual property that includes a patent application that could be worth millions. Intellectual Property Theft has been a continual part of this criminal equation.

Who has the power and access to intercept and filter telephone and Internet communications in this country? My mission and my business is to help build happiness, confidence and well-being throughout the world. I am not a terrorist, goodness and virtue drive everything I do.

Does some sick crime cult get thrills from trying to hurt and harass a single, middle aged female? I’m no fun, I’m not reacting.

If you’re diverting bank funds, why not do it discretely? It’s easy enough to do. Why parade a bad accounting system in front of lots of honest, decent people who are trying to do a good job and expect them to keep quiet?

Or was the letter to the S.E.C. used as a cover to harass, weaken and intimidate me for Estate Fraud and Intellectual Property Theft?

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We know our telephone and email communications are intercepted and diverted. There have been threats, thefts, business sabotage.  Who has the power to do this with impunity in a supposedly free country?