About Atlanta-Attacks.com

Too many weird things have happened ever since I left The Bank.

Business equipment has been repeatedly sabotaged, key physical and date files stolen, clothing and personal items have been intentionally slashed or stained. The violence is getting more serious, this is my story.

People close to the situation know who I am, they know my websites and blog, they appreciate the beauty, the benefits and the value of our happiness and voice skills programs and work.

They know about the Estate Fraud, the Intellectual Property Thefts, the threats, thefts, equipment sabotage, intimidation and deceit. See StealAnEstate.com

The sick, psychotic nature of these incidents may be subterfuge for far more serious crimes.

The people responsible for this are sick, vicious and well organized.

Stay tuned. If someone shows up pretending to be me, you’ll know what has happened.

Too many people know the truth about what is happening.

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