2010 (June) Update

ReportingWrongdoing.com describes the recent and continuing criminal activities including the disruption of my Verizon Blackberry cellphone and email service, the sabotage of two of my laptops in one week in November 2009 and the destruction of the software to recover them,  letters to Verizon asking for help and many other incidents since Atlanta-Attacks.com was initiated several years ago.

StopSuppressingHappiness.com discusses recent cellphone spy ware disclosures and the intentional strangling of my Happiness Habit business activities.

I have watched calls come into my Verizon blackberry and seen both the calling number and voice mail message disappear before I could get to them.  SMobile Systems cellphone security software, and industry leader, will NOT install on my Verizon Blackberrys. The hacking continues.

We’ve dramatically improved and expanded the Happiness Habit web site this year, adding the Creating Happiness Blog and several other high quality happiness sites.  The response has been limited.  The intentional strangling of our business continues.

Crime rings use the resources that are available to them. Conventional criminals would send someone to rough me up physically, these Goons hack telephones, email and can put malware on a laser printer to crash a laptop that never touches the Internet.

The known perpetrators are primarily conservative Republicans with known intelligence and DOD ties.  The evidence indicates a major U.S. government national security contractor is involved and the effort involves illegal, rogue DOD research.

The motives are Estate Fraud, Whistle Blower Retaliation, Intellectual Property theft, jealousy and greed.

From the beginning, it was clear that someone within the criminal organization has been trying to help me.

The frequency of recent national security leaks hitting the press reaffirms my conviction that the truth will eventually come out and the guilty parties will be exposed and punished.

I want to spend my time sharing Happiness Habits, not wasting time fighting feckless criminals.

Help stop this criminal activity.

Michele Moore – June 1, 2010

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